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Welcome to Westpeak Electronic Services Ltd. We are a one-stop solution, designed specifically for customers and their ever-changing needs. Founded in 2004, Westpeak has been a front runner in understanding, moulding and adapting its business model to the needs of Sony customers in the Calgary area and Prairie region. Over the past six years, Westpeak has successfully pioneered the "Sony Excellent Servicer" model to help make it what it is today; the complete solution to any needs a Sony customer may have during their relationship with their products. The concept of a complete solution is about to evolve even further. We are continuously reviewing customer demand. Soon, we are planning to expand into new technologies and additional brand support as opposed to Sony only. Stay tuned on these new endeavours as we unfold them in the near future.

Ever since our inception, the Westpeak team continually strives to offer a superior level of service for both Sony consumer, professional and IT electronic product repair. As a company, we understand the high level of service you expect. We take pride exceeding these expectations wherever we can. Our team consists of in-house industry certified technicians and a professional administrative team. Both teams have decades of experience servicing electronic products. Our technical team also includes on-site industry certified technicians who are eager to resolve your issues in the home. We repair television in home, in and around the Calgary area. We seldom "take it back to the shop". No matter if your product is within Sony's manufacturer warranty, covered by an extended service plan, or no warranty at all, Westpeak is the solution for you. Again, please stay tuned for updates on additional brands we will support in the future.

We understand what is required in our market. Technology is constantly moving forward. It's exciting. Westpeak continuously reviews, re-models, and re-tools to serve customers better. In December 2006 a delivery team was established to assist in the delivery and set up of new home theatre products. In July 2008 a Custom Home Theatre Installation team was created. This opened the next chapter in Westpeak's service offerings. We endeavour to provide each and every level of installation service our customers require. With relationships built by both a broad based network of customer referrals and a partnership with Sony Style, Westpeak has provided hundreds of clients with the peace of mind. Something new and exciting for us is due to customer demand we now install and integrate any brand of electronics, not Sony only.

Clients can feel confident knowing their home theatre system has been professionally installed and optimized to be run at the highest performance. We also offer training know-how to effectively operate your system. This all done by our CEDIA member team. The Installation team at Westpeak is continuing to grow to the needs of the today's consumer electronic customer. We will integrate all home theatre technologies together for you. We also offer in home, computer setup, gaming, integration, training and networking servicing. Westpeak takes pride in providing their installation team with the education required to make sure they can always answer the questions you may have with your electronics.

In the near future, we will provide customers with a more convenient way to order services from us. Parts, Accessories, Installations and Logistic Services will be available on our E-Commerce store.

In life, and in business, new growth and opportunities are everywhere. A customer's needs are always changing. We thrive on the change. New frontiers are approaching rapidly at Westpeak. Stay tuned as we evolve to the next level of service excellence for the Calgary area and Prairie region.

We appreciate your patronage!


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